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The Newest and probably the best warning systems on the market today.

road angel gem + (plus) The newest, sleekest and most stylish Road Angel yet - The Road Angel Gem + click here
Pogo Alert PlusThe Pogo Alert+ - a first to use PC and Mac for updates.

Road Angel no longer do combined satellite navigation and speed camera units

They have poured all their expertise into 2 speed camera alert systems, namely the Road Angel Gem and the Vantage.

They still employ satellite technology in their comprehensive and extremely cost effective vehicle tracking systems, now available for bikes.

Accessories are still available for most of the Road Angel products.

Auto Express Award Winner The Road Angel Navigator 7000 won the best sat-nav / speed camera locator tests run by Auto Express.

The Road Angel Group (Blackspot), pioneers of the GPS speed camera location systems, Classic Road Angel, New Road Angel (Road Angel 2), Road Angel + ,  Road Angel Compact and now Road Angel Navigator 6000, Road Angel Navigator 7000 , Road Angel Navigator 9000 and now the Road Angel Professional series, have created a revolutionary and sophisticated range of products to help you preserve your licence and protect your life. Road Angel in all it's guises from the Classic to the New Road Angel (or Road Angel 2), have consistently been the UK's best selling GPS driver safety alert systems.

The proposed changes in legislation with regards to the banning of speed camera detectors will not affect New Road Angel Navigator GPS units.

One Million UK Drivers on Brink of Losing License

Road Angel Products are:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Plug and play - no fuss
  • *Completely Legal!*

Interestingly enough (and not necessarily connected to the above bullet points!) but around 24% of orders are for women drivers, over 100% up from 18 months ago.

Some insurers are considering reducing premiums for drivers using (safely!) speed camera safety alert systems. We will add more detail as and when it becomes available.

Please note, vehicles with heated or coated screens may need an extra antenna, please see here.

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Tiff Needell Recommends Road Angel!

"The all new Road Angel is, in my opinion, quite simply the best hazard warning device available in the UK. It’s got bags of features that make it an absolute winner and for someone like me, who can’t work the video, it’s a dream to use... Plug and play really is the order of the day with Road Angel."

Tiff Needell, TV Presenter.
Formerly with BBC's Top Gear now with five's 5th Gear.

Click here to read the full story on why Tiff Needell recommends Road Angel.

New Road Angel Navigator 9000

Price matchWe work hard and try our best to offer the best prices for NEW Road Angel, Classic Road Angel and Road Angel Navigator products - As well as this, we offer a Price Match Guarantee should you find one anywhere else cheaper before we do! - If you can find cheaper prices for Road Angel in the UK - we will match that price and in most cases, offer you a £5 discount on the unit.
We reserve the right to not sell at a loss.

Speed Traps are there to catch you speeding - Don't let them win - SLOW DOWN!

Road Angel have never supported radar detection in their products and are unlikely to provide this facility in the future. With the number of false alarms that more traditional radar units give off and the ongoing questions about radar detection and their legality, Road Angel do not believe radar detectors have a future either as a business or from the consumers point of view.

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