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Classic Road Angel now with Laser Alert

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With its build quality, accuracy, reliability, durability and ease of use, the Classic Road Angel quickly established itself as the ‘must have’ gps speedtrap locator. It outsold other GPS based units by a long way and still continues to sell even today.

Classic Road Angel alert mode

" ROAD ANGEL is the smartest choice for safer driving "
- Tiff Needell,TV Motoring Journalist
Guarding your license and your life !
The 1st speed trap detector to be featured on tv and endorsed by Tiff Needell !

Of all the speed trap devices on offer, the Classic Road Angel consistently outsold the rest with it's simplicity, efficiency and above all it's reliability.

What it does:
The Road Angel was designed and manufactured to alert the driver to any upcoming hazards on the road ahead including speed camera information. By combining the most comprehensive database of it's kind covering the whole of the UK, along with visual and audio alerts, the Road Angel has become a 'must have' accessory for the safety conscious driver. As the Road Angel utilises GPS (satellite technology), the exact location of where you are, an accurate speed measurement and the direction of your travel are all known and compared against the locations stored on the database, provide the driver with information of the hazards ahead.

The UK based database has four different sections to provide warnings of some of the different types of hazard the motorist faces on most day to day journeys. These sections are split into Fixed, Mobile, Average & Blackspots.

In the main, Gatso cameras and Truvelo's (forward facing).

These can be found on major (long running) roadworks along with frequented mobile laser sites.

SPECS cameras, usually sited 1/4 to 1/2 mile apart with an average speed taken between the two sites. The Road Angel will stay on alert mode until the cameras have been passed.

These are areas deemed particularly hazardous by the police and local authorities

Classic Road Angel standby mode
The inbuilt antenna enables the satellites (GPS - Global Positioning System) to know the speed of your vehicle, it's location and direction of travel meaning the database will alert the driver to any approaching hazard.

The Road Angel will alert the driver to any known hazards or danger zones by way of audio and visual warnings. The screen will turn red from standby green and an audible signal will occur. The nearer the hazard, the more bars will show on the screen and the audio signal will become more 'urgent' in tone.

Updating the Classic Road Angel is easy and necessary to stay abreast of the latest information. With more and more cameras being installed every year and accidents unfortunately happening all the time, by keeping the Classic Road Angel up to date, you can help reduce or diminish likelihood of receiving penalty points or injury in known accident blackspots.

The Classic Road Angel has default settings but can be adjusted via the simple menu system. Items like distance to hazard warning and volume can be adjusted.

The Classic Road Angel now has an extra laser alert head as standard.
Road Angel - Guarding your life and license...

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Downloadable Documentation
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Classic Road Angel GPS Speed Camera Locator
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