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Designed to save you money
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Reduces the operating and running costs of fleets of all size by streamlining fleet management with cost effective fleet reporting .

(pays for itself in reducing 'idle time' alone)

Do you know where your drivers are?:

  • Are they using your vehicle 'out of hours'?
  • Are they where they say they are?
  • Are they speeding and giving your company a bad name?
  • Are they wasting fuel?
  • Was it your driver involved in an insurance claim?
Road Angel Fleet can monitor this and more for less than
£20 per month per vehicle - fully installed (covertly if required)

For all company vehicles

Whatever the size of your fleet and level of resources you will inevitably face management, legislative compliance and control challenges. Even modest sized fleets present issues associated with duty of care, service intervals, vehicle warranty issues and security.

The top 6 reasons people use the Road Angel Fleet Management System

  • Cost saving on fuel and pay
  • Efficiency
  • Duty of care obligations
  • Customer service through live vehicle tracking
  • Separation of business and private mileage
  • General fleet management obligations

Comprehensive Reporting

Fleet managers can access comprehensive driver information such as location, service and MOT warnings, warranty status and much more from one central location. Detailed mapping helps you identify and locate vehicles at a glance.

Duty of Care Compliance

What's more, Road Angel Fleet services cover all the requirements for legislative and regulatory compliance, including Duty of Care responsibilities, to ensure corporate integrity is maintained at optimum levels.

Peace of Mind

Because Road Angel Fleet's services operate over its own encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network), it offers system integrity, security and total peace of mind backed by Thatcham TQA quality accreditation and certified by NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) to AES5 for use by emergency services.

Ultra compact hardware - quick and easy to fit

  • cost-effective for all sizes of fleet
  • secure password protected site
  • accessible via a browser from any internet connected pc
  • no third party software to download
  • no/low impact on existing IT systems
  • intuitive interface so little or no user training required

Click on images above to see the 3 different views available

Vehicle usage reports

  • user defined reporting parameters
  • easy to use exception reporting
  • view only what is relevant to you
Vehicle tracking

  • 'real time' location updates every 60 seconds or on demand
  • simple accessible database of speed, direction and 'snail trail' journey history of all your vehicles
  • immediate access to full journey histories accessible online for 12 months
Enhanced fleet
  • know where your vehicles are and how they are being used
  • records vehicle working hours, mileage, speed and idling time
All costs known up-front

  • clear fixed monthly charges
  • no hidden costs
24/7 operation

  • live tracking updated every 60 seconds whilst the vehicle is in operation
  • affordable tried and tested technology
  • exceptionally cost-efficient and competitively priced
Duty of Care

  • upholds corporate responsibility issues
  • maintains corporate integrity
Enhanced company fleet security

  • password-protected access ensures privacy and security
Sensible, logical asset management

  • powerful business management tool that is allowable against corporate taxation

Corporate Travel a Major Contributor

CO2 emissions from corporate travel (specifically fleets and air travel) can account for over 25% of a company's carbon 'footprint'.

Emissions from travel are very 'visible' to staff, investors and customers so are often linked to the perceived environmental impact of a business. It's an obvious area for companies to target reductions. It's also an opportunity for a pro-active solutions provider such as Road Angel Fleet to offer a lower carbon travel service to corporate clients and fleet providers.

Intelligent Carbon Calculator

Through our intelligent Carbon Footprint Calculator we can help companies quantify the emissions associated with their fleet travel, identify and target areas such as distances travelled, average speeds & driver behavior and overall reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced.

Easily Off-Set Carbon Usage

Additionally, through a partnership with The Carbon Neutral Company, Road Angel Fleet can help clients to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the fleet to net zero by offsetting the residual amount of CO2. Carbon Credits can be purchased through Road Angel Fleet, which in-turn will be invested in renewable energy schemes.

Reduce Your Impact

Carbon offset projects include energy efficiency, renewable energy and methane capture. Funds generated are invested in projects that would not otherwise have existed without Carbon Credit schemes.


Companies using this service can communicate that their company’s carbon footprint has been reduced to net zero by displaying the Carbon Neutral fleet brand-mark. This is a powerful way to communicate to all stakeholders that your company is actively reducing its impact on the climate.

vehicle tracking system


In The Box:

  • Tracking Black Box
  • Hard Wire Kit
  • Manual

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