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NEW Road Angel Gem + & Gem + Deluxe

Road Angel Gem + £159.99

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A new, compact design. The Road Angel Gem + bristles with new technology and once again leads the way in speed camera alert systems. Now with GEM DELUXE kit.

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Blackspot Road Angel Gem with eassist
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The best selling GPS speed camera locator and safety devices just got smaller! With and OLED screen and eAssist, it takes speed camera alerts to a new level.


The NEW BLACKSPOT ROAD ANGEL GEM + (plus) (CONNECTED) is Road Angels' latest wireless Road Angel product giving you access the UK's No 1 safety camera and accident blackspot database and utilising up to the minute downloads via GPRS.

Utilising GPS (satellite) & GPRS technology, Road Angel Gem +(Connected) alerts you to: accident blackspots and safety cameras (including Gatso,TruVelo, SPECS Watchman, Speedcurb, DS2) and also mobile cameras with an audible and visual alert - with no need to connect to a pc.

Road Angel Gem +Connected Features:

* Automatic updates to the safety camera database every few minutes, as you drive
* Fixed safety cameras
* Mobile safety camera locations
* Red light cameras
* Traffic light speed cameras
* Average speed monitoring zones
* Built-in laser detector
* Clear display of road speed limits
* eAssist TM feature
* Road & vehicle categorisation
* Black-spot areas
* School zones
* Congestion charge zones
* Fatigue warnings
* Railway crossings
* SpeedShare TM feature
* CameraShare TM feature
* Overspeed warning
* Advisory speed limit at camera locations
* Continuous speed reading of vehicle
* In built compass
* MPH & KPH modes
* Hot alerts

* Audible & visual warnings
* Full colour screen with, easy-to-use interface
* 100% legal
* 12 month return to supplier warranty

speed limit eassist speed_camera_van speed_camera_share

Road Speed Limit Display

Often wonder what the speed limit is of the road you are driving?

Worried you might be caught speeding because there are no signs telling you what the limit is?

Road Angel Gem has the UK’s most accurate database of road speed limits. By displaying the speed limit in the bottom left hand corner of the screen as you drive (even if you’re not approaching a road hazard), it will give you peace of mind and help you keep safe on the roads.

The SpeedShareTM feature also let you advise new or revised road speed limits at the touch of a button.


eAssist is a revolutionary new feature that connects you to an emergency response call centre, should you be in an emergency situation. Developed to protect drivers and provide a rapid response service, eAssist lets you communicate with an operator who will contact the relevant emergency services, dependent on your needs.

Your location is automatically sent to the call centre so they can accurately pin-point your location and direct response services accordingly.

The first of its kind in the UK, eAssist will give you that extra peace of mind, helping to protect your life and livelihood.


There are thousands of sites throughout the UK where Safety Camera Vans can sit and monitor the speed of drivers. Whilst these sites are known and included within the Road Angel database, no one knows when or where the vans will appear.

By using the unique CameraShareTM feature, Road Angel Gem + allows connected Road Angel users to share the LIVE locations of camera vans at the press of a button.

If a member of the Road Angel community drives past a live location in the following 2 hours, a live camera van alert will sound.

How’s that for social networking!


You may not be aware, however there are over 250,000 miles of public roads and motorways in the UK – which is quite a lot!

Maintaining a database of accurate road speed limits is therefore quite a challenge. The field based Road Angel team spend every day updating the road speed limit database, however as there are so many changes it is inevitable that we don’t get them all.

That’s why we have introduced SpeedShareTM. This handy feature lets you advise us if you think a road speed limit needs changing. At the press of a button you can tell us of revised road speed limits, which we will validate and update on our database.

With thousands of connected Road Angel users driving around the UK, you can rest assured you are part of a community that has the most accurate road speed limit, safety camera, and road blackspot information available

Automatic Updates

Road Angel Gem+ has an in-built SIM card similar to a mobile phone, which allows data to transfer to and from the Road Angel computer servers ‘over the air’. This allows us to send you updates to our safety camera and blackspot database every few minutes as you drive.

Providing you with up to date and accurate information ensure you are kept well informed, and most importantly, safe on the roads. By utilising ‘Connected’ technology, Road Angel Gem truly is the next generation in road safety products.

The Gem+ unit incorporates a new, soft touch, rubberised case design.
The Gem+ contains screen enhancements, new brightness controls,
voice alert OFF setting, Auto day/night setting, alert mute setting,
improved audio and additional volume control settings.

Hardware Requirements

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible, PC update through USB does not currently support the Apple Macintosh operating system.

Accessories included as standard :

Mains charger, dash mount, 12v power cable (incar), USB lead, Quick Start Guide.

Subscriptions (payable upon receipt of unit) :

  • 6 months £39.99
  • 12 Months £65.99
  • 36 Months £169.99


The Gem + (plus) Deluxe pack will still include an existing Gem + with all of its original components.

What's in the box:

* Road Angel Gem+ unit   
* Hardwire kit
* Windscreen mount
* Dashboard mount
* 1 & 3 metre USB charging leads
* 240V/50Hz mains charger adaptor & 12/24V in-vehicle USB charger adaptor
* Protective micro fibre storage pouch

Dear Mark,
I recently puchased a Road Angel Vantage  from your company. I was dealt with in a most helpful, very patient and intelligent, no-nonsense manner. Thank you, I will recommend you to my friends.
J. Anthony

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