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Road Angel Navigator 6000

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Blackspot have raised the bar again and this time they really mean business. The price point is 'spot on' and now caters for the massive demand for MP3 capability. Far more robust than the early Navigator model and more compact - this is the one to challenge (and beat) Tom Tom.

The Road Angel Navigator 6000, the brand new, multi-faceted (MP3 player & photo viewer as standard) SatNav product from the number 1 safety alert system stable in the UK - Blackspot.

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- Road Angel Navigator 6000 User Guide
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The best selling Road Angel Navigator just got funky!
Blackspot New Road Angel Navigator 6000 speed camera alert with satellite navigation

Advanced fully integrated GPS camera
safety alert device with UK maps as standard.

" ROAD ANGEL is the smartest choice
for safer driving
- Tiff Needell,TV Motoring Journalist

The Road Angel Navigator 6000 with MP3 player and photo viewer as standard.

Combining all of the Road Angels original features with full postcode search satellite navigation in one device - the only satnav device you will need.

Multi-purpose Not only portable from car to car, the Road Angel Navigator 6000 is more compact than its predecessor.

With a new slimline lightweight design and small enough to fit in your pocket, yet with the typical durable and reliable build quality of its predecessors, all the physicalities are catered for in this unit.

Not only is it portable from car to car, it has a built in charger which means it can be used on foot and doesn't need to be hard wired or powered from the cars cigar lighter.

Up to 6hrs battery life on one charge, eliminating the need for 'dangling cables'.

*Now shows speed limit in camera vicinity*

Road Angel Navigator 6000

The Road Angel Navigator 6000 comes pre-loaded with UK street level mapping software with full post code search facility and a 200MHz processor.

The Navigator 6000 has a 3.5 inch touchscreen and of course has the Road Angel speed camera database and functionality included.

50% fewer accidents, 74% fewer speeding endorsements.
100% arriving at your destination!

Many devices have been successful at providing speed camera information and many have been successful at satellite navigation but until now all have only really 'played' at combining the two, as their functionality, or main purpose has been one or the other. The Road Angel Navigator 6000 is a DEDICATED combination speed camera safety alert system with full postcode search GPS satellite navigationwith the added benefit of being an MP3 player.

    New Road Angel Navigator 6000 with postcode search satellite navigation
    Road Angel Navigator 6000 showing 3 different views.

    " ROAD ANGEL is the smartest choice
    for safer driving
    - Tiff Needell,TV Motoring Journalist

    Road Angel Navigator 6000 Navigation Features

  • Full colour 2D or 3D mapping features - to street level
  • Clear sound voice instructions
  • Quick location search
  • Full postcode search
  • Navigate in Britain - door to door street level
  • Interchangeable and expandable mapping provided on a simple to use SD card
  • Day & night mode
  • Voice prompts
  • Automatic re-routing
  • Save favourite routes
  • Pre Loaded Country (SD card) Maps (sold seperately**)
  • Road Angel Navigator 6000 Road Angel Features

  • Fixed camera warnings
  • Camera-advisary speed limits
  • Accident Blackspots
  • Primary Schools
  • Congestion charging
  • USB updates
  • Speech alerts
  • Store your own personal danger areas

Road Angel Navigator 6000 Benefits

  • The only Navigation unit for all your journeys
  • 2 Products in 1, Satellite Navigation with Road Angel safety alerts,
    or the Unique Road Angel only mode.
  • Advisory Speed limit at hazards with unique colour coded screens
  • Easy to use straight out of the box
  • Road Angel’s award winning blackspot and camera alert system
  • UK street level mapping with Full Postcode Search facility
  • 8 hours battery life
  • Latest technology high visibility 3.5" colour screen with built in anti glare
  • Automatic route re-calculation
  • New Anti Vibration car cradle (optional vent mount)
  • Easily transferable between cars
  • Lightweight and compact pocket sized design
  • 12/24v Input
  • Latest generation Sirf3 GPS antennae
  • MP3 player & Photo Viewer (64 meg internal memory - 1 gig SD card)

** Pre loaded (SD card) maps coverage:

  • Country Map - Coverage on these maps are for individual countries. Each country is sold on a seperate SD card. The countries are as follows:
    Italy & UK.
  • Region Maps - Coverage on these maps are also on one SD card and cover the following regions:
    Benelux, Iberia, Scandinavia & Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
*When ordering, please state in the comments box which country or region you require.*

Please note, that as with previous Road Angels, regular or periodical downloads are required to keep the speed camera database up to date.

Subcription fee of only £3.99 a month - payable by direct debit.

Road Angel Navigator 6000 User Guide - See also 6000 sofware and updates page here

Accessories included as standard:
UK charger, cigarette lighter power lead, stylus, windsceen mount, cables & software

Purchase this product and associated accessories
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You will receive not one, but BOTH of the following FREE gifts with any detector purchased online*. These guidess are only available as a PDF document download - details of how to obtain the guides will be included in your invoice and mailed to you. Once downloaded, you can then print a hard copy for future reference if required.

The Speed Trap Guide 2005 E-book (normally £20.42)
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The Parking Ticket Guide E-book (normally £9.95)
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Only 2 free gifts per customer per order is available.
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The Road Angel Navigator 6000

£ 249.99 £ 169  

Additional Stylus for the 6000, 7000 & 9000 Navigator  -  2.99
UK Home Charger for the 6000 & 7000 Navigator (DISCONTINUED)  -  9.95
Pink Carry Case for the 6000 & 7000 Navigator  -  9.99
Black Leather Carry Case for the 6000 & 7000 Navigator  -  9.99
(No Longer available) Straight Power Lead for the 6000 & 7000 Navigator  -  12.95
Hard Wire Kit (please specify for which unit)  -  13.99
2M Antenna for Navigator 6000, 7000 & 9000 and Professional  -  19.99
Windscreen Mount Kit for the Navigator 6000 & 7000 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)  -  20.42
Vent Mount Kit for 6000 & 7000 Navigator (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)  -  20.42
Country Map for 6000 Navigator (Italy)  -  69.99
Street Level Mapping for 6000 Navigator (Iberia)  -  72.00
Street Level Mapping for 6000 Navigator (Benelux)  -  72.00
Street Level Mapping for 6000 Navigator (France)  -  72.00
Street Level Mapping for 6000 Navigator (Germany)  -  72.00

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