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Road Angel Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What is GPS?
GPS (Global Positioning System) is a worldwide radio navigation system that uses 24 satellites that orbit the earth. GPS receivers, like the Road Angel, use these satellite signals to calculate it's position to a couple of metres.

Why use Global Positioning System (GPS)?
Using the satellites to locate your position is more reliable than a standalone speed camera detector. Knowing your position it is then a simple task of calculating your approach to a given camera site.

How does a GPS speed camera locator work?
The device already knows your position using the information attained from the satellites. Using the database stored in the device's memory, the distance to the nearest camera is calculated thereby giving you sufficient warning of any cameras in your path of travel.

Is the Road Angel a detector?
No. It uses GPS (except for the laser devices) and checks it location against an onboard database of accident blackspots and fixed camera locations. When you are approaching either of these the Road Angel provides a warning. It also provides laser warnings with the Laser alert.

Will the Road Angel be banned under the proposed new legislation?
The proposed changes in legislation with regards to the banning of speed camera detectors will not affect the Road Angel.
Any Road Angel with an inbuilt laser detector will have the facility to be able to switch the laser alert off if required.

Does the Road Angel warn you of the enforcement vans that are being used more frequently on the roads?
Road Angel has a laser alert facility which if targetted (and they generally have to pull the trigger), can alert you to their presence.

Is the Road Angel legal?
Yes, the Road Angel is 100% legal to own and use.

How do I update the Road Angel?
You can update the Road Angel via the internet using software that will be provided when you register the Road Angel with the manufacturer. If you do not have a PC with internet access you can purchase a modem accessory that allows you to update via an analogue telephone line. Please note that Road Angel software is not compatible with Apple-Mac computers.

My ROAD ANGEL keeps displaying the message‘Please register’ every time it is switched on.
In order to clear this message you need to complete an update.

My ROAD ANGEL keeps displaying the message‘Alert: Data is out of date’.
This means that you haven’t update your ROAD ANGEL or your last update was over 28 days ago.

How often should I update my Road Angel to receive the new locations?
As a guide we recommend updating your Road Angel approximately every two weeks but it is entirely your choice - no extra charges are incurred for more frequent use.

How do I fit the Road Angel to my vehicle?
One of three ways. The unit is supplied with a mounting kit that allows it to be fixed to the inside of the windscreen. It is possible to use the Velcro supplied and attach the unit directly to the dashboard, a Non-slip Mat can be used to stop the unit sliding off the dashboard and in the case of the New Road Angel, a magnetic mounting kit is supplied.

Can I move the Road Angel from vehicle to vehicle?
Yes, using the windscreen mount it is very easy to transfer the Road Angel.

What is the best position in the vehicle for the Road Angel?
For best satellite reception locate the unit as close to the middle of the dashboard and windscreen as possible. Purchasing an optional antenna allows you to locate the device at your convenience but be aware, the laser facility will not work unless it can 'see' out the vehicle.

How do I power the Road Angel? -
Each unit is supplied with two different leads that plug straight into the 12V Cigar lighter in the vehicle. One lead is straight and can be tucked behind the dashboard; the other is a coily lead that will trail across the dashboard.

Can I hard wire the power cable into my vehicle?
If you are unsure we recommend using a professional company to do this for you. By cutting the cigar lighter plug off of the straight power lead it should be hard wired into an ignition switched supply and grounded.

Why is a UV tinted and/or a Heated front windscreen a problem?
The material used to coat the glass hampers the reception of the GPS signal and prevents the Road Angel from acquiring it's position. In a heated screen the metal elements dissipate the GPS signal and again prevent the Road Angel from acquiring it's position. An optional antenna is recommended for these vehicles. In the case of Fords, the heated windscreen elements do not go to the bottom corners of the windscreens so the Road Angel will work there.

How much warning does ROAD ANGEL provide?
ROAD ANGEL has three proximity options for Fixed cameras;these are 250m,500m or 1000m.There is an additional setting called SDS or Speed Distance Setting. If you activate this setting your proximity warn-ing is doubled if your speed is over 50 MPH.You cannot increase the sensitivity of the laser detector.

The speed display on ROAD ANGEL Plus differs slightly to the speedometer in my car.
At a constant speeds the ROAD ANGEL Plus has a more accurate speedometer reading than that of the car.

How do I recharge the battery in my Road Angel Plus?
A lighter socket cable comes as standard and when used will recharge the Road Angel Plus as will the supplied pc cable when connecting the Road Angel Plus to the pc for downloads.


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The New Road Angel wins AutoExpress Best Buy 2005


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