Road Angel - The top search for speed trap detectors in the UK Augusst 05  
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Road Angel - The most searched for Speed Trap Detector in the UK - January 05

The most popular searches in the UK in January 05 for all the main Radar / GPS speed trap detectors according to Yahoo Overture was 'Road Angel' with 8,623 searches, beating the nearest rival 'Snooper' by 5,391 searches - showing that Road Angel is the most popular detector search by users in the UK.  In 3rd place and and up by 1,558 searches since May, is the new 'road angel navigator' (Combined Speedtrap - GPS Sat Nav) with 1,756 searches ('road angel sat nav' had 119 searches). in 4th place was the term 'road angel 2' which is another name for the 'new road angel' - itself, with 7th most popular searches with 573. 'roadangel' is 6th with 598 searches. blackspot road angel was in 15th position with 226 searches.
The new 'road angel compact' had only 16 searches in August but understandable as the unit didn't get release until early September. 'classic road angel' lagged behind with 114 searches.

See table of searches below. We will update these searches every month and bring you the latest figures.

The UK Yahoo Overture keyword assistant gives you the previous month's average number of searches for a given keyword, and anything else with the given search parameter.

Keyword Searches
road angel 8623
snooper 3232
road angel navigator 1756
road angel 2 1052
origin b2 643
roadangel 598
new road angel 573
snooper radar detector 546
bel 430
snooper s3 352
snooper s4 347
road pilot 317
snooper s6 262
snooper s1 249
snooper s5 236
talex 230
blackspot road angel 226
roadpilot 220
bel radar detector 210
origin blue 193
snooper s5 r 188
micro road pilot 174
snooper radar 165
snooper s3 neo 147
snooper s4 neo 141
bel 550 137
snooper evolution 129
bel euro 550 127
micro roadpilot 126
road angel sat nav 119
snooper s5r 117
snooper sd715is 117
classic road angel 114
snooper neo 103
road angel uk 91
snooper s2 91
snooper sd715 91
snooper gps 89
snooper s6 r 88
blackspot interactive 87
cheap snooper 87
snooper s6r 86
originb2 84
road angel gps 84
snooper s100 77
cheapest road angel 69
road angle navigator 69
snooper sd815is 69
road angel best price 67
road angel navigator review 67
snooper review 66
talex gps 66
snooper s100 rld 59
cheap road angel 58
snooper s6 r neo 58
origin b2 solo 57
morpheus geodesy 55
snooper uk 55
new road angel 2 50

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