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Blackspot Road Angel - History.

The new Road Angel GPS Accident Blackspot & Speedcamera/Speedtrap detector is the third incarnation of this ever popular unit from Blackspot Interactive.

The First Road AngelThe first Road Angel was introduced in 2002 and was accepted wholeheartedly by the end user and motoring press alike.



Classic Road Angel; road angle; roadangelThe Second Road Angel, now called the Classic Road Angel was introduced in 2003 and had the added feature of a Laser Alert module. This was an extra 'golf ball' type attachment that stuck to the windscreen. The Classic Road Angel still maintained the features of the original Road Angel and this Classic was considered by many to be the best device on the market winning the Auto Express award.

The Classic Road Angel also created a 'first' by being the first speedcamera detector to be featured in a television advert and was introduced by Tiff Needell.

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The New Road Angel, New Road Angel 2 or Road Angel 2 as it's called by some has had new features built in, a more modern look and feel and has the laser alert now built into the unit itself. Some of the new features include voice alert, overspeed warning and schools alert.

This has been the best selling Road Angel of all and continues to maintain its status as the No. 1 GPS speedcamera detector in the UK.

A lot of people also use Road Angle (sic) and Roadangel on internet searches. They even search for 'road angel radar detector' even thought the unit doesnt have a radar detector.

Road Angel have never supported radar detection in their products and are unlikely to provide this facility in the future. With the number of false alarms that more traditional radar units give off and the ongoing questions about radar detection and their legality, Road Angel do not believe radar detectors have a future either as a business or from the consumers point of view.

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