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UK Speed Camera Types - Overview

Below you will find an overview of each of the common speed-detection devices commonly found on UK roads.

Learn more about the Gatso system
The most popular and well known of the speed cameras. Takes a photo of the rear of your vehicle if adjudged to have been speeding across the painted lines in the road.
Learn more about the TruVelo system
Forward facing camera combining infra-red flash with piezo road strips in the road which are at a set distance apart.
Learn more about the SPECS system
These cameras are usually spaced about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile apart. The first one records your number plate as you pass as does the second. Based on the distance between the two and the time taken to travel between the two, they can determine whether you were speeding or not (commonly known as 'average' speed cameras).
Learn more about the Watchman system
Not had Type Approval as yet but basically has two cameras, one for images and one for number plate recognition (NPR). Can store/hold up to 10,00 number plate events !
Learn more about the Speedcurb system

From Monitron TM. Also used at traffic lights for red light 'jumpers' This is new and uses digital cameras.

Learn more about the DS2 system
A discreet, set-up that utilises pressure sensors in the road. These sensors are equally spaced and two speed readings are taken to ensure accuracy. These areas can be manned or un-manned.
Learn more about Safety Camera Vans
Safety Camera Vans
Relatively new but in the main utilises laser technology on the frequency 904nM. Laser is very accurate and can be fired from a distance or close up. The reading, along with a number plate is recorded on video.
Learn more about the Mobile Laser system
Mobile Laser
Hand-held versions of units in Safety Camera Vans.


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