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Why Tiff Needell Recommends Road Angel

Every now and again a significant advance is made in road safety. After using Road Angel in my car for a couple of days I began to think how good it would be if such a device was standard equipment in all vehicles.

Rather than relying on 'cure', Road Angel's sole purpose is one of prevention. Warning me of hazardous areas and keeping me advised of my speed. Road Angel works using the very latest GPS satellite technology to inform and educate the responsible road user. In addition to telling me the location of accident blackspots (as designated by the police and local authorities), all speed cameras and digital speed traps, Road Angel can provide me with my own selected location alerts and gives no false alarms whatsoever. If I want, it will even let me know the position of my favourite curry house!

Road Angel can simply plug into the cigar lighter of any vehicle or can even be hardwired on to a bike. It has been developed by some of the best brains in the business, it looks great, is so simple to use and doesn't distract the driver.

The all new Road Angel is, in my opinion, quite simply the best hazard warning device available in the UK. It’s got bags of features that make it an absolute winner and for someone like me, who can’t work the video, it's a dream to use... Plug and play really is the order of the day with Road Angel.

ROAD ANGEL has surpassed every expectation... it does the business, will help keep your licence clean and provide essential safety information... Purchase one by simply calling 0161-456-3000 or you can order online very easily and just like me, you won't be disappointed.

Safe and happy motoring,

Tiff Needell, TV Presenter.
Formerly with BBC's Top Gear now with five's 5th Gear.

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